Chaton Anderson, Writer/Producer
CEO, La Diabla Productions

After covering the war zone of former Yugoslavia for The Economist at a tender young age, Chaton Anderson decided to put her survival skills to use by pursuing a filmmaking career in Los Angeles. Her contributions in the war zone, which helped Macedonia gain recognition from the European Union and for which she received accolades from the IMF and World Bank, inspired her to pursue a filmmaking career. She attended graduate school at the prestigious University of Southern California, where she received her Masters degree in Screenwriting. Her first screenplay, The Convent, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and enjoyed wide theatrical releases across the globe. She then wrote and sold the sequel, and is now working on the prequel to the franchise, The Devil’s Convent. In addition, she has acted in several films, several of which she violently dies in and performs her own stunts, and continues to work on friends’ projects in that capacity for fun.

Chaton also enjoyed a career as a professional dancer, which included performing in several dance troupes, music videos and a stint as a professional cheerleader. In addition, she freelance writes for a variety of magazines, websites and clients in the film, health & fitness, and lifestyle industries.

Chaton currently lives in Venice, where she can be close to the surf and roller skate whenever she gets the urge.